To set up a new ProCal server the Transmille Database Configuration Utility must be run.

The latest version of the utility is attached to this support article.

Note - This computer only needs to be run ONCE unless you are upgrading the database for Version 6

  1. After launching the utility an automatic scan for SQL Servers on your network is started
  2. After approximately 15 seconds the drop-down box will be filled with all SQL Servers that were found on your network, ensure that the correct SQL Server is selected. If the server is not visible please contact your IT support provider for assistance as there is a firewall configuration issue between the 'server' and your computer.
  3. Select the correct server from the dropdown list and a larger menu will appear
  4. If your system administrator has provided a Username and Password for you to connect under, enter these in the Username and Password boxes. If the SQL Server has been set up as recommended by Transmille the Username and Password boxes are already pre-filled
  5. Click the 'Test Connection to SQL Server' button. If an incorrect username or password has been entered an error box will appear
  6. If the connection succeeded, the 'Check for ProCal Database' button will be enabled. To proceed with the setup, click this button.
  7. On a new installation, a message will appear prompting to create a new Database. After you are sure that this is the SQL Server that you wish to use for your ProCal installation click Yes

  8. The Utility will now proceed with creating the database tables

  9. If the utility displays an error during this process, please contact Transmille for further assistance

  10. The utility has now configured the database for use by ProCal, ProCal-Track and ProSales V6

  11. To create settings for PRoCal to connect, click the 'Create Connection String'. The utility will create files in the C:/ProCal/Connection Settings folder that are to be copied to each computer that will connect to the server

Update Log : 

22nd September 2017 - Utility updated to create additional table and populate with default information